Tourmaline Stone The Nature's source of Far-Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ions

Tourmaline is best known as one of the only minerals to naturally emit far infrared heat and ionization. Tourmaline creates a resonance in the body that vibrates at the same frequency as water. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing energy on our nervous system. This has a stabilizing and cleansing effect.

Tourmaline has become a focus of research at universities and research centers worldwide.

The reason - infrared Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of NEGATIVE IONS and far infrared (FIR) rays. It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Japan. Int J. Biometeorol 1993 Sep; 37(3) 133-8).

Around 1986, it was found in a research station in Japan that, even though tourmaline was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both end of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C. In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of a tourmaline crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show low electricity of 0.06mA.

What is Negative Ions?

Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electric charge, giving them a positive or negative charge. Positive ions are produced by machines and technology. Computers, televisions, refrigerators, cars, airplanes, heating units and air conditioners saturate homes, offices, and other indoor environments with positive ions. Negative ions counter the exhausting effect of positive ions – and they have also been found to be profoundly, well, "positive" for immunity, the respiratory system, mood, and more.

The Nobel Medicine Prize winner Germany's Dr. Chonbein doctoral studies suggest that the human living environment in the concentration of negative ion content, and directly related to the level of human health. At present, air negative ions have been used as evaluation of environmental and air quality is an important standard.

The Benefits of negative ions

Negative ions in promoting the health of the direct effect:-

(A) The activity of cells

  • Exchange of inside and outside the cell, nutrition, oxygen delivery to cells.
  • Discharge of carbon dioxide and Waste.

(B) Blood purification

  • Promoting active, hazardous waste and toxic substances, including free radicals…..
  • Eliminating the contamination of blood, maintain a state of blood purification, improve blood circulation.
  • Suppress the direct function of serum cholesterol, lowering blood lipid, reduced the incidence of atherosclerosis.

(C) The resumption of fatigue

  • Eliminating the cause of the fatigue factor, physical recovery.

(D) The autonomic nervous system stability

  • Adjustment of the autonomic functions, calm the nervous system, to prevent and cure diseases for the purpose.

(E) Enhance disease resistance

  • Gives people a positive, progressive, dynamic happy mood, to enhance immunity, overcome disease and create a good foundation.
  • Increases the blood of gamma globulin content so as to enhance the ability of the body's resistance.
  • Improve the quantity and quality of white blood.
  • Enhance the function of leukocyte phagocytosis of bacteria, so infectious diseases have the role of adjuvant therapy, enhance the body's ability in disease resistance.

(F) Inhibition of tumor cells

  • When the human body to absorb the negative ions, pulmonary capillary blood to the charge in charge of the changes in blood flow in turn affect the whole body of the water cycle. It makes hearty spirit, invigorating breath, mind and stability, to reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency and so on.

(G) Analgesic effect

  • People suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases patients every cloudy, rainy day will feel pain; even in healthy people, rainy-day encounter would have been depressed mood, headaches and brain expansion. On the contrary, at this time if the amount of negative ions can be inhaled, the body of the imbalance will be corrected soon analgesic effect.

(H) Improve allergy

  • Has confirmed that the negative ions of the respiratory allergy, food allergy and there to improve the effect of this is by adjusting the balance of autonomic nervous system, increase resistance to allergens achieved.

(I) Promote human longevity

  • There are a variety of physiological characteristics, one of which is to accelerate human aging, and human inhalation of air negative ions, can reduce the central nervous system, therefore, play a role in the anti-aging.
  • Effectively remove the possibility of inactivated and free radicals. Inhibit or slow down the process of oxidation.





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